Our Company

Hunter Bottling was established in 2002 and has bottled over half a million cases for some of Ontario’s best known and recognized wineries.

Our newest line, built in 2006, features the latest in wine bottling technology. Virtually self-contained, the mobile line affords the winery unprecedented packaging and closure options to suit or expand your marketing desires.

The use of mobile bottling lines has been the mainstay in Europe for decades and continues to expand throughout North America as wineries reduce capital expenditures for variable cost alternatives. In addition to saving money, a mobile bottling line can save space, personnel and time, an automatic bottling line requires precious square footage of winery space, as well as personnel with the time and knowledge to run and maintain the equipment, if a winery bottles only three to five times a year, just preparing a bottling line that has sat idle for a few months can take days. Hunter Bottling with skilled operators arrives at the winery's door ready to bottle.

Ensuring the best possible quality is part of Hunter Bottlings role. "It's my job to know how to get the best bottling result, knowing sterilization, sparging and filtration techniques which will maintain the highest quality of the wine from tank to bottle. I maintain the equipment on a daily basis, keeping it in optimum operating condition” says Hunter Bottlings Randy Hemphill

For any questions or additional information please give us a call or drop Randy or I an email.


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